A Recipe for Self-Renewal
Energy-management is more important than time-management

Did God Write the Story You Didn’t Want?
“When my husband left our family nine years ago, my adolescent daughters and I were reeling. We never imagined we’d be a splintered family. All we knew were unbroken families, and suddenly we weren’t in that group any more.”

6 Ways to Teach Your Children History
“Children should be exposed to history early and often through artifacts, oral stories, old art, and especially good books. History gives our children so many benefits. It is a fantastic—though frequently neglected—parenting tool. Here are six ways history can bless your kids.”

9 (More) Things You Should Know About the Opioid Epidemic
“[Today] President Trump is expected to release his administration’s plan for dealing with opioid-related overdoses and deaths. Since writing about the issue two years ago the crisis has worsened and the need for public awareness has increased. Here then are nine more things you should know about the opioid epidemic.

Cultivating Praise in Marriage
“Praise and affirmation are essential to the health and vitality of a marriage. Genuine praise and verbalized thankfulness are like marital fertilizer (think Miracle-Gro®) in the soil of your spouse’s heart. They have the power to help heal an ailing marriage or strengthen an already healthy one.”

Sex Change: Physically Impossible, Psychosocially Unhelpful, and Philosophically Misguided
By the author of the important new book, When Harry Became Sally.

What I Learned on My Week-Long Digital Fast
Kevin DeYoung challenged his students and family to join him on a week long digital fast. Here are the results.

Gentleness – All About Communication
“Both Overbearing Otis and Shy Shelly fail the test of gentleness. Overbearing Otis fails to value the people around him and cannot build bridges. In the process, he tarnishes the treasure he holds. Shy Shelly is too fearful to build bridges. She also fails to value the treasure entrusted to her, leaving people around her with the sense that she has nothing to offer anyway. The work of the Holy Spirit is necessary for each of these souls to become gentle.”

How Electronics Affect Sleep And What You Can Do About It
We live in a wired world at the height of a digital age. But even if our technologies have advanced at lightning speed in recent decades, our bodies remain unchanged and in many ways, ill-adapted to a fully plugged-in lifestyle. This mismatch between man and machine is never more clear than in the pursuit of quality sleep. An understanding of how electronics affect sleep is the first step toward healthier living in the digital era.” Here’s an Infographic to help you.

How to Break Up With Your Phone
“Here are some of the key things I learned on how to navigate a successful breakup and create a better relationship with your phone.”

Kindle Books

Keeping Place: Reflections on the Meaning of Home by Jen Pollock Michel $3.99.

Union with Christ: A Zondervan Digital Short by Michael Horton $0.99.

Heaven and Hell: A Zondervan Digital Short by Wayne A. Grudem $0.99.

Union with Christ: The Way to Know and Enjoy God by Rankin Wilbourne $2.99.

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