Introduce kids to the Savior of sinners. This is the first in a series of audio podcasts for kids who want to meet with Jesus by using Meeting with Jesus: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids

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How many people have you met in your life? Try to count them. Start with your parents, then your brothers and sisters, your neighbors, your friends. Add up those you know from school, church, vacations, and so on. What number are you up to? Are you over a hun­dred yet?

You will meet even more people as you get older, go to different schools, play differ­ent sports, move to different houses, and do different jobs. You are going to meet so many people that eventually you will not be able to count them all or remember them all!

There are probably other people you would love to meet but they probably don’t want to meet you. Maybe it’s an athlete you admire, or a singer, or a politician. You think about them and hope one day to meet them, but they don’t know you and therefore don’t want to meet you.

But there is one person you must meet more than anyone else. And this person wants to meet with you too. And if you meet him, you will never forget him. His name is Jesus, and I want you to meet him because he is the most awesome person you can ever meet.

I really, really want you to meet with Jesus. That’s why I wrote a book for kids called Meeting with Jesus. It’s going to be published at the end of April 2020, but I thought I’d tell you a bit about it first and hopefully you’ll join me in meeting with Jesus.

But how do we meet with Jesus? Where do we meet with Jesus? We meet with Jesus by reading the Bible.

“But the Bible’s a tough book,” you might say, “It’s hard to read and understand.”

That’s why I wrote this book, called Meeting with Jesus, to help you read the Bible, understand it, and so meet with Jesus. Wouldn’t that be a great way to use the lockdown we’re all living through? We may not be able to meet with our friends, but quarantine can’t stop us meeting with Jesus.

So, here’s what I’m suggesting. Ask your Mom or Dad to get you the book, Meeting with Jesus. Over a number of weeks, it will take you through the whole life of Jesus – his birth, teaching, miracles, death, and resurrection – with short daily readings of just a few verses of the Bible a day. There’s also a brief question to answer each day. And maybe each day after breakfast, lunch, or supper, you can play the podcast together and hopefully not just you but the whole family can meet with Jesus.

So, what will we do until the book comes out at the end of April? Well, over the next couple of weeks on the Living the Bible podcast, I’ll be introducing you to Jesus and how to meet with him. I’ll answer questions such as “Who is Jesus?” “Why do we need to meet with Jesus?” “How do I know if I met with Jesus?” and so on. Then we’ll be ready to start the book at the end of April/beginning of May. Sound good?

One other thing, what age do you have to be? Well, you need to be able to write a little each day, so probably six or seven is a good starting age. But it’s good for kids up to, say, age twelve as well. If you’re younger than that, you probably can’t use the book, but you can still meet with Jesus through listening to this podcast.

And if you’re much older than 12, maybe in your twenties or thirties, or even sixties or seventies, remember you’re never too old to meet with Jesus and I hope this daily podcast will help you to do just that.

I look forward to meeting Jesus with you in Meeting with Jesus.

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