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Many people don’t know who Jesus is or what Jesus did.

Is that such a big deal?

It’s a really big deal, because if we don’t know who Jesus is or what Jesus did, then we won’t know what he can be and do for us.

Imagine your Xbox or iPad freezes. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get it to work again. You decide you’ll have to just put it in the trash. As you walk sadly to the trash can outside, you see your next-door neighbor leaving in his car. You wave, he drives away, and you throw the gadget in the trash.

Did you know that your neighbor was a world expert at fixing broken gadgets? You didn’t, did you? If you had, you would have taken your problem to him and he would have fixed it right away.

It’s the same with Jesus. He can help people fix their greatest problem – their sin and their broken relationship with God. But most people don’t realize he can do that or how good he is at it. They certainly don’t realize that he repairs us and our relationship to God free of charge!

That’s why I say not knowing who Jesus is or what Jesus did is a really big deal. If we don’t know who Jesus is or what Jesus did, then we won’t know what he can be and do for us.

So, who is he? Let’s keep it simple and start with two simple truths about who Jesus is. Then tomorrow we’ll look at what Jesus does. So, who is Jesus? Here’s the short answer. Jesus is God and man. Here’s a bit of a longer answer.

Jesus is really and fully God: He’s as much God as our Heavenly Father is. As the Son of God, he’s always been God, is God, and always will be God.

Jesus is really and fully human: He’s as human as you and I are. He was not always human, but became human when he came to Bethlehem as a baby boy 2000 years ago. And he’s still really and fully human today in heaven. And he will be forever.

Why is it important to know who Jesus is?

If we know he’s God, we’ll know he can fix our biggest problems. His power can help us.

If we know he’s human, we’ll know that he understands our lives and sympathizes with us when we’re sad or anxious. His sympathy comforts us.

Knowing Jesus is God is empowering. Knowing Jesus is man is encouraging. 


Lord Jesus, I want to meet with you as both God and man. You are God and so I can bring my biggest problems to you to fix. You are human and so I can bring my biggest pains to you for sympathy and support. Amen.

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