Some of us have good memories, while some of us have poor memories. Even those with good memories, though, can’t remember everything, and eventually start forgetting more as they age. So we all forget something at some point or other.

Sometimes, our forgetfulness has limited consequences (e.g. forgetting to wash our car). Other times, our forgetfulness has far greater consequences (e.g. forgetting to put gas in the car).

Today, I want to consider with you a forgetfulness that has very serious consequences. As Christians we sometimes forget how spiritually dead we were before Christ gave us life. Christ may have given us life last year, or many years ago, but we’ve forgotten what life was like, or what we were like, before Christ gave us life. This has serious consequences. When we forget how spiritually dead we were

  • We don’t realize how desperate our condition was (which undermines humility)
  • We don’t realize how bad the consequences were (which undermines gratitude)
  • We don’t realize how great God’s life-giving power was (which undermines worship)

The Colossians faced the same challenge, but, in Colossians 2:13-15, the Apostle Paul reminded them of what their condition was, how awful the consequences were, and how great God’s life-giving power was. He did this to increase their humility, gratitude, and worship. We want to learn from how Paul did this, but, first, let’s remind ourselves of the background to these verses.

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