Introduce kids to the Savior of sinners. This is a series of audio podcasts for kids who want to meet with Jesus by using Meeting with Jesus: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids. Listen to previous episodes here.

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What do you do when you want to spend time with friends? You make a plan don’t you? Or you ask your parents to make a plan. You arrange a time and place to play together. “Meet at the park at 4pm.” Unless you make a plan it’s not going to happen.

It’s the same with meeting Jesus. You need to have a plan. Many people want to meet Jesus but don’t have a plan. They want to meet but never actually meet because they don’t have a plan. They say “Yes, of course I want to meet with Jesus,” and “I hope to meet with Jesus,” but they have no plan. They don’t set a time, a date, and a place. They keep putting that off later and later in life.

So, you need a plan to meet with Jesus, and that plan means setting a regular time and place to meet with Jesus. For example, if you say to your friend, “Let’s meet every day at 6pm,” then that will become a habit and you’ll never forget it.” However, if you say, “Let’s remember to meet up often,” but never set a time and place, it’s not going to be a habit, and it will happen only when you both remember, and that may not be very often. So let me suggest a two-part plan.

Plan to meet with Jesus early in life

  • You are never too young to meet with Jesus: If you’re six, don’t say, I’ll wait until I’m seven, or eight, or ten, or twenty. Meet with Jesus early in life.
  • You’re never too old to meet with Jesus: If you’re listening to this and you’re a parent or grandparent, remember, you’re never too old to meet with Jesus. You may have put it off for years but maybe this kids book, Meeting with Jesus, can help you meet him before it’s too late.

Plan to meet with Jesus every day

  • Same time each day: What helps me to remember is to plan to meet with Jesus around my eating. It’s something I do the at the same time every day, and so it’s easier to remember. I do my own private Bible reading in the morning just after my breakfast, and our family meet with Jesus to sing and read His Word and chat with him via prayer just after evening supper.
  • Same place each day: Find a quiet place in your house, maybe your bedroom, and meet with Jesus there every day. Keep your Bible, your Meeting with Jesus book, and your pencil or pen there and then you don’t need to look for it every day.

Meet with Jesus early in life and every day. Make a plan if you want to meet with Jesus.

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