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When we start a new class at school, we hope that our new teacher will be a good teacher, someone who makes things easy and simple rather than hard and difficult.

  • A bad teacher mixes things up: I remember I had a young teacher who was very hard to understand. He would start in the middle of a story, then go to beginning, then to the end. It was all mixed up.
  • A bad teacher is hard to trust: He was also hard to trust because at times it was clear even to me that he didn’t know much about what he was talking about.

We are going to be reading through Luke. Luke is going to be our teacher. So let’s find out what kind of teacher Luke will be in Luke 1:1-4.

1. Luke read careful writers (1-2)

  • They saw Christ’s great acts
  • They wrote about Christ’s great acts

2. Luke wrote carefully (3)

  • He followed events closely
  • He wrote an orderly account

3. Luke can be read confidently (4)

  • Luke was confident
  • We can be confident.

Luke wrote in this way “That you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught” (4).

When you open the Gospel of Luke, you can have confidence that you’ll learn a lot because Luke was a careful writer.  

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