Introduce kids to the Savior of sinners. This is a series of audio podcasts for kids who want to meet with Jesus by using Meeting with Jesus: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids (RHB). This is week one, day two. Listen to previous episodes here.

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Do you ever think, “If I’m good enough, bad things won’t happen to me?”

Some people think that if they are good enough no bad things will happen in their life. So what happens when bad things happen?

  • When bad things happen, they blame themselves: “I thought I was good, but this means I must have committed a terrible sin.
  • When bad things happen they blame God: “I thought God would reward me for being good. God’s not fair.”

Today in Luke 1:5-7, we read about John the Baptist’s parents, Zechariah and Elizabeth. They were good people, but they were going through bad times.

1. They were good people (5-6)

  • They were from religious families
  • They were righteous before God
  • They were obedient to God

2. They were suffering people (7)

  • They were very old
  • They had no children
  • This was very hard in that culture

Next time bad things happen, remind yourself that it’s not that we are bad or that God is bad. As we’ll see God’s plan is good and wise, regardless of whether we are good or bad.

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