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Have you ever had the experience of not being prepared for an important visitor? Somebody important rings the doorbell, but we were not expecting them.

  • We can miss the visitor: We’re not there or paying attention.
  • We can be embarrassed: We look through window and are too ashamed to ask them in.
  • We can put off the visitor: We open the door but the visitor sees the mess and doesn’t want to come in.

God was about to send a very important visitor to the earth and wanted people to be ready. That’s why he sent John the Baptist. He was to prepare the world for Jesus as we read about in Luke 1:13-18.

1. God prepares with joy (13-14)

  • Joy for Elizabeth and Zechariah: They will have a son.
  • Joy for the people: The people will rejoice over the birth too.

2. God prepares with his Spirit (15)

  • John will be great before the Lord.
  • John will be filled with the Holy Spirit.

3. God prepares with revival (16-18)

  • John will turn many to the Lord.
  • John will turn parents to children.
  • John will turn the disobedient to wisdom.

John prepared the world for Jesus. Prepare your heart for Jesus by asking God for joy, His Spirit, and soul-revival.

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