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If your parents made a promise to you, do you think they would be unhappy if you did not believe their promise? Of course they would.

So what happens when we do not believe God’s promises.

  • We are unhappy
  • God is unhappy

Let’s see what happens  in Luke 1:18-22, when Zechariah does not believe God’s promise of a son in his old age.

1. God’s promises are big (18-19a)

  • God sends a big angel
  • God promises the impossible

2. God’s promises are good news (19b)

  • Good news for the family
  • Good news for the church

3. God’s promises are to be believed (20-22)

  • Zechariah doubted God’s Word
  • God silenced Zechariah’s words

This story tells us we must believe God’s promises, especially the big ones.

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