Introduce kids to the Savior of sinners. This is a series of audio podcasts for kids who want to meet with Jesus by using Meeting with Jesus: A Bible Reading Plan for Kids (RHB) Listen to previous episodes here.

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Well done, you’ve completed the first week of Meeting with Jesus.

This week we’ve been thinking about how God prepared the world for Jesus. Today, Sunday, Meeting with Jesus asks you a very personal question: How can you prepare the way for Jesus to come into your heart?

I want to tell you how God prepared my heart for Jesus.

1. God prepared me with truth

  • Truth from parents
  • Truth at church

2. God prepared me with sadness

  • Sad deaths
  • Sad events
  • Sad sins

3. God prepared me with Christians

  • I saw their joy
  • I saw their kindness

Ask God to prepare your heart for Jesus and give him truth to work with.

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