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One of the biggest mistakes we can make is to try to be happy without Jesus

  • We try to find joy in small things (ending up with small joy)
  • We try to find joy in short-lived things (ending up with short joy)
  • We miss the greatest joy of all (ending up with no joy)

Jesus came to give us joy (John 15:11). In fact Jesus brought joy to Mary before he was even born. In Luke 1:28, an angel came to tell Mary that she would be Jesus’ mother. The angel’s first words were “Rejoice highly favored one” (NKJV). Why was she to rejoice?

The Lord loves you (28)

  • The Lord favors you (28)
  • The Lord is with you (28)
  • The Lord is blessing you (28)

The Lord is saving you (31-33)

  • Jesus will be in you (31): Jesus will be your son
  • Jesus will be over you (32-33): Jesus will be your Lord and Savior

Now do you see how Jesus made Mary happy? So how can we be happy? Same way as Mary, Rejoice in Jesus’s love and Jesus’s salvation.

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