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The unbelieving world that we live in has a way of thinking, speaking, and doing. The world has its own values and order. Sadly, we can sometimes think, speak, and act like the world.

  • We lift up the high and put down the low
  • We honor to the rich and dishonor the poor
  • We think salvation is for the great not for the weak.

As Mary celebrates Christ’s coming in Luke 1:51-56, she reminds us of how Jesus turns the world upside down. He has come to re-order the world, to change our way of thinking, speaking, and doing.


  • He dethrones the mighty (52)
  • He enthrones the lowly (52)
  • He fills the hungry (53)
  • He empties the rich (53)
  • He helps Israel (54)
  • He keeps his promises (55)
  • His mother is a poor unknown country girl (56)


  • His strong arm defeats the proud (51)
  • His strong arm delivers the weak (55)

Has Jesus turned your world upside down so that you think, speak, and act like him rather than like the world?

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