Causes cure. What do I mean by that? The first step to curing a problem is discovering the cause of the problem.

For example, I get flare-ups of arthritis. I can take painkillers to tamp down the symptoms. But because I haven’t addressed the cause of my arthritis, as soon as I stop the Ibuprofen, it flares up again. Without knowing the cause, I don’t really have a cure.

Most of the time, the cause is too much stress and too little sleep. When I admit that, and trace my pain to that, then I’m identifying the cause and only then can I work towards a cure. In that sense, causes cure.

Same goes for anxiety. We can take meds to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, but it will almost always return when meds are stopped. So how do we cure anxiety? First identify the causes. That’s what Paul does in Philippians 4:1-7.

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