Spiritual Heartburn


“What’s the Old Testament all about?” Ever asked that question? I did, many times, over many years. I’d been raised in church, gone to Seminary, been a pastor for some years, and preached Old Testament sermons. Yet, I was still puzzled: “What’s the Old Testament all about? Why is it in the Bible? What’s the point of it when there’s no Gospel and no Jesus in it?”

But one day, the New Testament gave me the password to the Old Testament, and I want to share it with you (as long as you promise to share the password with others). Are you ready? Here it is—Luke 24:13-35. This password begins with an admission of folly and ignorance.

Remember to Respond


It’s Memorial Day here in the USA, a day to remind ourselves and others of the service and sacrifices of our military. It’s a day not just to remember their sacrifice and service but to respond with greater sacrifice and service in our own lives. We remember to respond.

Christ’s resurrection is also for remembering and responding. How do we remember and respond to Christ’s resurrection? When we remember it constantly, we will react to it positively, as the women did in Luke 24:1-12.

Jesus is our Ladder

John 1 Ladder 4

Have you ever felt heaven was shut to you? Perhaps you were praying for something but sensed your prayers were just bouncing off heaven’s walls. “How do I get through to God?” you cry.

Or maybe you’ve been living apart from God or even against God and you’ve been thinking of turning or returning to God, but when you begin look up, all you see is high walls, closed doors, and no entry signs. How can I get access to God?

In John 1:46-51 Jesus provides a ladder to access God. This ladder gets us over every obstacle and all the way through to God.

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Body Language


Our bodies speak even when our mouths don’t. Body language is a type of nonverbal communication in which physical behaviors (e.g. posture, eye movement, touch, facial expressions) express our thoughts and convey information. Although most of us learn how to use and understand this language to some extent, some experts are able to interpret the slightest movements, even tiny twitches.

What is your body saying to those around you? Specifically, what message does your body communicate about the Gospel? In Luke 23:50-56, we hear believers’ bodies speaking about Jesus’ body. Let’s listen to their message.

What happens the moment after death?


What happens the second after we die? That question troubles some Christians.  Understandably, because it’s an experience we’ve never had before and there’s no one we can ask about it either. We leave behind all that’s known and familiar and enter the unknown and unfamiliar. But is it? Thankfully, in Luke 23:39-43, Jesus gives us a glimpse into that foreign world and although he doesn’t answer all our questions, he answers them sufficiently to look ahead to that moment with joy not fear.