God Sits an Exam

Exodus 17v1-7 Insta (1)


Like Israel, we still test God today don’t we? It looks different. We’re surrounded by cars instead of camels, but we still question God’s provision and presence. As we look back on our wilderness walk, we see many places named Massah and Meribah, many places we tested God and argued with God. Did God ever fail the test? No, he took the same test again and again and always got 100%. Maybe it’s time we stopped testing him and arguing with him and instead just trusted him and agreed with him.

Complainers or Praisers?

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When we complain about our circumstances to others, we’re effectively (though usually unintentionally) accusing God and slandering his character. We’re saying, God doesn’t care, God doesn’t know what he’s doing, and God can’t do anything about this.

These are serious and dangerous slanders against God. But Exodus 16:1-12 helps us move from complaining to praising by showing us how complaints are a heart problem not a God problem.

The God Who Heals

Exodus 15v22-27 Insta


As I record this podcast, my 81-year-old Dad has just died. He suffered a number of strokes and declined rapidly in the past few weeks. I’m only in my fifties, but I’ve already had a number of illnesses. Sickness and disease cast a long shadow over our lives. We worry about getting sick. We struggle to see any purpose in it. And even with the marvels of modern medicine, we can’t get over it. It’s a dark shadow. So let’s take the light of God’s word and lighten it by looking at what God teaches about his sovereignty over sickness in Exodus 15:22-27.

What Songs Should we Sing?

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How do we decide what songs to sing in worship? That’s a question that’s divided many churches. Some songs focus only on positives. Others focus primarily on our feelings. And some focus primarily on the Christian life. How do we decide what to sing? Moses’s song in Exodus 15 helps us by giving us three biblical criteria for worship songs.