The First World War

Psalm 2 Insta


Do you ever feel frightened at the violent and virulent opposition to Christ and to Christians that surrounds and threatens us today? I do. But I’m more scared for my children than for myself. If it’s like this now, what it be like for them in ten years or twenty years time? When these fears froth and bubble in my heart, I often turn to Psalm 2 and find there the calming confidence of Christ.

The Great Divide

Psalm 1 Insta


Whatever divisions exist or are manufactured in our world, the Bible speaks of only one division. The only biblical division is between the wise and the foolish, the godly and the ungodly, the righteous and the wicked, the blessed and the cursed, the saved or the unsaved, the heaven-bound or the hell-bound. Sadly, this is a division that is rarely spoken about, often ignored, and frequently blurred. I say, sadly, because clarifying this spiritual division is vital for us personally and eternally. The devil loves this kind of confusion.  Psalm 1 clarifies this division by highlighting the different descriptions and destinations of the wise and the wicked.

The Ever-Living Never-Leaving God

Exodus 40 Insta


What are our basic spiritual needs? What do we need from God each day? We need his presence, his guidance, and his faithfulness, don’t we? If we are to live each day with hope and confidence, we need to be sure, God is with us, God is guiding us, and God will stay with us. But how can I be sure that God will be with me today, guide me today, and stay with me today? Let’s see how God assured Israel of that in Exodus 40:34-38.

Stop Giving!

Exodus 36 Insta


 “You’re giving too much, you have to stop.” Have you ever heard a church say that before? “Too much. Stop giving!” That would be a really wonderful problem to have, wouldn’t it? Moses faced that wonderful problem in Exodus 36:1-7.

Freely Gotten, Freely Given

_Exodus 35 Insta


How do you get people to donate to the church, to fund missions, to serve the Lord? There are three main funding methods. The first is to force people, to beat them up verbally, to manipulate their emotions, to threaten and coerce them into giving. The second way is to fool people. This is what the health, wealth, and prosperity preachers do. They promise people that if they give a dollar, God will give them back a million dollars. The third way is freely. This is where we make the need known but then leave it to God to work in the heart so that it is given for the right reasons and in the right way. We’ve got a beautiful example of that in Exodus 35.