America’s Uncivil War

Psalm 33


‘America’s Uncivil War.’ A three-word news headline that summed up the hate that’s threatening to destroy us. The division and aggression all around us is so depressing and frightening, isn’t it? How can we find love and joy in a world of hate and anger?

The Greatest Happiness

Psalm 32


What makes you most happy? You got it in your mind? Good. Now, let me ask you some questions about this source of greatest happiness: Is it deep or superficial? Is it permanent or temporary? Is it holy or sinful? Is it helpful or harmful?  Is it free or expensive? Is it available or often unavailable? Is it shared others or selfish?

I’m going to guess that your greatest happiness mainly ticked the second of all these alternatives. It’s superficial, temporary, sinful, harmful, expensive, unavailable, and selfish. How would you like a happiness that ticks all the other boxes? A happiness that is deep, permanent, holy, helpful, free, available, and shared with others? We find it in Psalm 32 where David tells us that the greatest happiness is forgiveness through confession.

The Blessings of Sickness

Psalm 30


We’re living through a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Disease hunts us and sickness stalks us. Many have already fallen to this foe. Even if we haven’t lost our health, we’ve all lost something. We’ve lost school, graduations, businesses, money, church, friendship, vacations, and so on. It’s a fear-filled time and a tear-filled time.

But, sickness need not be only a curse and a loss. With God’s blessing, it can also be a time of blessing and gain by being a time of prayer and praise. In Psalm 30, David shows us the blessings of sickness by using sickness to pray and praise.