God’s Lamp

Exodus 25v31-40 Insta


Do you know anyone that enjoys darkness? None of us do, do we? Well, maybe criminals. But apart from them, we don’t like the darkness. We associate darkness with danger and death. Light, on the other hand is safety and life.

The Bible goes even further and tells us that there’s a darkness inside us that’s no less dangerous or deadly. It’s a moral and spiritual darkness that prevents us from seeing moral and spiritual truths about God. Keep that in mind today as we re-visit the Holy Place room in the Tabernacle. Opposite the golden table is the golden lamp.

God’s Favorite Chair

Exodus 25v10-22 Insta


Most of us have a favorite chair. When we sit in it, it just seems to fit us perfectly, as it’s taken our shape over the years. It’s where we relax and do our favorite activities like reading, watching sport, listening to music, and so on.

God instructed Israel to make him a favorite chair. It fitted him perfectly and it was where he loved to sit and do his favorite activity. As we read about it in Exodus 25:10-22, I think you’ll find that it becomes your favorite chair as well.

God’s Living Room

Exodus 25v1-9 Insta


God made us because he wanted to live with us. He wanted us to do life with him. That’s what we see in the Garden of Eden. God and our first parents do life together.

But sin entered and ruined that relationship. Adam and Eve ran away from God and hid from him. And that’s where the human race find itself today, isn’t it? We don’t want to live with God. We don’t know how to live with God. We don’t know if he wants to live with us.

That’s why, immediately after giving Israel the law, he got them to build a living room for him. Why? “Let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in their midst” (8). Let’s visit God’s living room and learn about living with God.