Depression and your internet usage
And if you are depressed, Brian Croft highlights two ways to fight for joy.

Honoring God in an unequally yoked marriage
We should probably pray more for men and women in such relationships.

Harsh anti-gay preaching alarms Christian conservatives too
Good reminder that the offense of the cross is not the same as offensiveness.

Definition of marriage
What do you think of Mike Leake’s definition? I like it, but I’d like to see something explicit about children in it too.

Why your leadership must be social
“It’s imperative that you are “social” in your leadership and influence today. A new reality exists, and as leaders we have to be not only aware of this, but also willing to jump in and embrace a new reality of Social engagement like never before.” (HT: Zach Nielsen).

You don’t need a PhD to innovate
And if you want proof, what about Steve Saint’s flying car!

  • Mike Leake


    Thanks for the link. Though I didn’t make raising godly children explicit in the definition itself it is in there under “for God’s glory”. I appreciate the suggestion and may work to tweak it.

  • David Murray

    Hi Mike: Yes I saw that it was in the article. I was impacted by the Westminster Confession’s inclusion of children in their “definition” (WCF 18.2).