If what I’m seeing and hearing is representative of our wider culture, we are facing an epidemic of burnout among Christians, and especially among pastors. Here are the 40 best resources on the subject that I’ve collected over the years. Hope you don’t get burnout reading through them!

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Battered Pastors (1)- Reformation 21 Blog

Battered Pastors (2) – Reformation21 Blog

Do Your Monday Mornings Feel Like Friday Evenings? – 20Schemes

Avoiding Burnout by Archie Parrish | Ligonier.org

15 Ways To Avoid Burnout When Working In Hard Places – 20 Schemes

7 Reasons Pastors Burn Out

What are areas of common neglect in a pastor’s life? | Practical Shepherding

Pastors Need Your Care–Part I – Jason Helopoulos

Pastors Need Your Care–Part II – Jason Helopoulos

Seven Possible Solutions to the Troubled Souls of Pastors – ChurchPlanting.com

A Break Through The Clouds

Twelve Ways Pastors Went from Burnout to Vision

Recharging emotional batteries | The Proclamation Trust

A Defense against Pastoral Burnout | Counseling One Another

Seven Signs of Burnout – Sojourn Network

Burned Out? | Counseling One Another

Burnout | Brad Hambrick

Burnout-Housewife Theologian

3 Ways Pastoral Burnout Can Sneak Up on You by Eric McKiddie – ChurchLeaders.com

The Hidden Danger Of Public Productivity | WithoutWax.tv by Pete Wilson

You Have Limits, You Really Do! Pt.1 | Association of Biblical Counselors

3 Ways Pastoral Burnout Can Sneak Up on You | Pastoralized

Slow Down! How Moral Reasoning May Depend on It

You Can’t Do Your Job if You Don’t Sleep – Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business Review

Burnout Series Part 4: Finding Your Way out of Burnout | My World

Dead Ends On The Road To Rest | Daniel Montgomery

How to Avoid Being a Statistic in the Ministry

Caring is Wearing Me Out! Understanding and Responding to Ministry Stress | Biblical Counseling Coalition Blogs

6 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout | The Simple Dollar

Avoiding Burnout (1) – Between The Times

Avoiding Burnout (2) – Between The Times

Avoiding Burnout (3) – Between The Times

Do Seminary Grads Burn Out Quickly?

The Magic of Doing One Thing at a Time – Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business Review

Running on Empty? How to Recognize When You’re on the Road to Burnout | Psychology Today

How to Recognize Signs of Burnout (and What to Do About Them)

8 Things You May Not Know about Busyness in America (infographic) | Everyday Theology

How to Create More Margin in Your Life | Michael Hyatt