My main argument against evolution is my office. An even stronger argument – my computer files.

Everything tends to chaos and mutation not progress and improvement.

Sometimes, it’s paralyzing to look at Apple’s “Finder” or my desk or my floor (or what’s left to be seen of it).

I can’t afford the time to get organized; yet neither can I afford the time I’m spending looking for things.

Filing time just feels so much like wasted time. Even an hour spent on it seems to accomplish so little. I need to spend hours and hours and hours to get everything in its right place physically and digitally.

As I said, paralyzed.

But I’ve discovered a little trick. I count to a hundred.

No, not just sitting at my desk counting to a hundred.

Instead, I put a hundred things away each day. And I count everything – an envelope in the trash, a pen in the drawer, a book in the bookcase, a plate in the sink, a Word document in a folder,  - until I reach 100.

Sometimes it takes me 10-15 minutes, sometimes longer. But no matter how long, I sure do feel better about it.

Even when there’s very little if any visible change I remind myself (and my wife) of the magic number:  ”100! I just put 100 things away!”

And day by day, the hundreds mount up, the desk is emerging, I remember what color my carpet is, and my Finder is actually useful for finding things again.

At this rate I might even get my digital photos organized before I retire.