A Prayer For Mental Health
Based on Psalm 23.

Seven Habits of Outwardly Focused Churches
Thom Rainer challenges increasingly inward-looking churches to look outward and highlights how other churches do this.

Fasting From Technology
Thomas Kidd has some good ideas here about how to regularly fast from technology and why.

Can You Stop Your Kids Running Away From God After Graduation?
Erik Raymond says “Yes!” and supplies 11 helps.

Christian Death: Mourn Or Celebrate?
Jason Helopoulos: “Christians need a good theology of Christian death. It matters. Should we rejoice or weep when a brother or sister in Christ dies? Is a Christian funeral service a celebration or time for mourning? A right understanding of how to consider a Christian’s death will stymie the two extremes of merely rejoicing or merely grieving.”

You’re Doing Twitter Wrong