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3 simple behaviors that combat anxiety, reduce panic attacks
“The following excerpt from my book, “Strivings Within,” relates how God began to answer my cries for help during a time when I was in considerable distress from the symptoms of my Anxiety Disorder.”

“You” or “We” in preaching”
I like where John lands here.

Critical Thinker or Critical Spirit?
Helpful…and challenging.

Ministry and Suffering
10 lessons learned in affliction. And here are Joel Beeke’s 8 helps in affliction, which he’s needed recently.

Safeguarding against abuse in the church
Jared Wilson with 10 guidelines.

Chinese woman writes with both hands in different languages simultaneously
Imagine what we’ll be able to do in heaven.

True Love Hurts

Sometimes parents have to take extremely difficult decisions that cause pain for us and for those whom we love.

But if love never hurts, it’s not true love.

Painless love is not love for others, but love for self.

Love pains produce love gains.

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The Prodigal Son(s) and Church Discipline
Some sobering words from Scotty Smith: “Although I have tons of great stories— grace stories of conversions and renewals— I don’t have many church-discipline stories about which I’m really excited.”

How to become a morning person
As a wise man said, “There’s gold in the teeth of the morning.”

How should Seminaries Train Pastors to Counsel
Original thinking and practical solutions.

The Writing Pastor: An Essay on Spiritual Formation
Nothing has helped my own spiritual life and ministry more in the past few years than getting the writing bug.

An eBay for Professors to Sell College Courses Direct to Students
Somehow I don’t think there will be much demand for OT Exegesis courses.

Largest Iceberg Break-up Ever Caught on Camera
Awesome! (0.46-50). You will want to hit “mute” at 0.46-0.50 to avoid some profanity.

An Unparalyzed Faith

Here’s how Tim Challies describes this week’s episode of the Connected Kingdom. Download here.

Robert Shelby’s boys saved his life. On July 3 Shelby, a pastor in Baton Rouge, was teaching them how to swim when he dove a little too deep and slammed his head into the bottom of the pool, breaking his C-5 vertebra. Unable to move, unable to swim, he was helpless to save himself. For a few moments he hovered between life and death until his young sons realized that something was amiss. They dragged him from the pool, performed CPR and saved his life.

Last week we spoke to Robert about his accident and about life in the aftermath. He is now adjusting to life with quadriplegia (and do note as you listen to the interview that one of the effects of his condition is that it keeps his voice from being as expressive as it once was) and hoping to soon return to the pulpit.

Here is a link to the Shelby Family Fund, and this is a link to a newspaper report about what happened.

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The self-righteous wife
This could help a lot of marriages get off to a better start.

The #1 mistake career people make
I don’t like calling the ministry a career. But pastors can fall into this mistake as well as non-pastors.

Eyes Wide Open
Tony Reinke interviews Steve DeWitt, author of Eyes Wide Open. Tony named this his Book of the Year, and I happen to agree with him.

Angels: Friends of the Faithful
Joel Miller does an Elisha and opens our eyes to the heavenly hosts around us.

Britney Exline, Nation’s Youngest African American Engineer
Here’s a good news story to inspire you.

A bath without water
And here’s another great story, this time from South Africa.  [Video]