Yesterday we considered why we should meditate on Scripture. Today let’s look at how to meditate.

1. Limit 

- Set apart no more than 5-10 minutes to begin with

- Start with one short verse or part of a verse

2. Vary

- Some days chose a theological verse, others a practical or devotional text.

3. Write

- Write the text on a small index card

- Put it in a place you will come across regularly (purse or pocket?)

4. Memorize

 - Memorize the text in 2-3 word blocks

- Say it out loud

- Set specific times in the day to recall verse (coffee/meal times)

5. Focus

- Pick out the key words and look them up in a dictionary (English or Bible)

- Substitute some words with parallel meanings or even opposite meanings

6. Question

- Interrogate the verse (who, what, where, when, why, how?)

7. Explain

- How would you explain the verse to a child or someone with no Christian background

8. Pray

- Use the verse in prayer (worship, confession, thanks, petition)

9. Review

- File the cards and every Sunday read them and test your memory of them

10. Do

- Not just an intellectual exercise but let it lead to practice (believe, repent, hope, love, etc.)


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