Marriage, Singleness & Family Preaching Resources

At Unashamed Workman, Colin Adams has compiled an extensive list of audio, web & book resources on marriage, the family, etc.

Preaching with/without notes
And while you’re at Colin’s blog, check out his three posts on: “Does your manuscript serve your sermon?” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Then you might want to bounce that off my own thoughts on this important subject (here and here).

Evaluating Sermons/Leadership
J W Hendryx has some helpful guidance when it comes to calling a pastor.

How to preach poorly
From IX Marks.

Greg Beale on Preaching
At Life Reformation, Bill Boekestein summarizes Greg Beale’s address at Westminster Theological Seminary’s 2010 Institute of Biblical Preaching.

Practical Shepherding
I link to just about everything Brian Croft writes, so you’d save yourself a few clicks if you just subscribed to his blog. But here’s a roundup of some of his latest posts: Embracing the pleasant…unpleasant moments in our ministries; Reasons to enjoy visiting the sick; How soon should a new convert pursue a call to the ministry?

The hole in our holiness
Brave post from Kevin DeYoung which begins: “I have a growing concern that younger evangelicals do not take seriously the Bible’s call to personal holiness…” I’m glad Kevin is prepared to use his highly-influential virtual pulpit in this way. And please go on to read at least some of the 129 comments! They give a really helpful insight into the challenges that pastors are facing when calling people (especially younger people) to holiness and, even more importantly, defining it.