Some readers have asked me for a step-by-step plan for sermon preparation. A few years ago, a younger (and rather “wooden”) David Murray made a couple of 30 minute videos on this subject. They flowed out of  “Moving from Text to Sermon,” an address I gave as a visiting lecturer at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.

(BTW the videos were shot inside a small, wooden garden shed on the Isle of Lewis – figure that one out!)

Part 1

Part 2

  • michael dewalt

    What a young Murray here.

  • johnvanwoerden

    Thank Dr David , enjoyed your sermon preperation videos in the gardenshed. Wish I had shed like that.I would like to know who sings or what choir sings the start of each video.GreetingsJohn

  • David Murray

    John: Not sure. I was given this recording many years ago by a friend. It had no name on it. But I seem to remember something about one guy singing all the parts!

  • Anup Arun Hiwale

    Thanks. Very Helpful!

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