As most of you probably know, Justin Taylor and Kevin DeYoung are taking considerable heat for their courageous pre-emptive strikes against the misleading, confusing, and damaging publicity materials surrounding Rob Bell’s anticipated book Love Wins. Kevin’s latest post clarifies the issues considerably.

What some of you may not know is the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual toll that such spiritual conflict takes on the body, mind, soul, and relationships of the men at the center of this storm. So, I’d simply like to ask you to put Justin and Kevin in your prayers throughout these days. May I suggest that we pray specifically that they will:

1. Have peace and assurance in the heat of the battle
2. Enjoy restful nightly sleep
3. Communicate wisdom and grace in all their responses
4. Avoid losing their tempers in public (and private)
5. Receive understanding and support in their congregations and workplaces
6. Be protected from overt and covert assaults on their ministries and characters
7. Experience the daily relief of happy relationships with their wives and children
8. Win souls to Christ as they have opportunity to speak the truth in love
9. Hold the line.

Yes, and let’s pray for Rob Bell too. If he’s erring, may the Lord bring him back before he leads many astray. If he’s been misunderstood, let’s pray that he will issue a speedy clarification. He can settle this before lunchtime if he wishes.

  • Chuck

    Entire post is good counsel. The last nine words boil the controversy down to its essence. At the risk of being called cynical, I bet he misses the deadline.