Something that every Elder’s Meeting/Deacon’s Board/Presbytery should purchase: The Talk-o-meter.

When switched on the iPhone App, Talk-o-meter, will separate different voices and at intervals of 1, 2 or 5 minutes it presents in different lengths of red and blue bars what percentage of time each speaker was talking.


“Nobody has to be unpleasantly exhorted – from time to time everyone will have a cursory glance at the Talk-o-Meter and adapt if he is talking too much. Gentle biofeedback works!”

Might also save your marriage! (Or destroy it)

  • Dwight Moore

    Clever idea! Just the sight of the iphone might help those of us that are talkative. Then again, there are sometimes people who are quiet at meetings but who orchestrate all kinds of damaging behaviours and agendas behind the scenes between the meetings. Perhaps someone should make an iPhone app to follow them around and uncover these deeds. :~|