Nathan Eshelman is a graduate of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and the Pastor of Los Angeles Reformed Presbyterian Church. I found his latest newsletter so encouraging. He writes:

Friends and members of the Los Angeles Reformed Presbyterian Church:
You would not believe how God, in Christ, has been working in the city of Los Angeles. Well… maybe you can!
Can you believe that we have students under care, four home fellowship groups, a growing congregation, and even worship services twice each Lord’s Day? Here is the Autumn edition of Angelos: The Messenger. I hope that this encourages you to pray and support the local ministry of the Los Angeles Reformed Presbyterian Church.
Please let us know how you are praying for us. We look forward to hearing from you- our friends and partners in the ministry. Please continue to uplift the saints in the City of Angels and to plead with our Lord and Savior on behalf of this great city.

You can access Angelos: The Messenger here (pdf).

  • Stephen Steele

    Encouraging stuff, thanks for posting!