Did you know?

  • This year’s drought cost Texas $5.2 billion in lost agricultural production
  • The future of the Texas economy depends on water availability
  • Global demand for clean water will outstrip supply by an average of 40% by 2030
  • Just as oil played a major role in 20th century wars, many believe many 21st century conflicts will be over water
  • The most water-aware companies will aso be the most resilient and stable
  • Companies like Coca-Cola and Nestle now publish “water footprints” per product line
  • You have a water footprint

Yes, you do. In fact, you can calculate the size of your water footprint here (simpler version here). It’s pretty big and deep!

For example, if you drank apple juice for breakfast, that one glass cost 190 litres of water. It you had toast, you can add another 40 liters. Put cheese on it and you’re sinking in another 50 liters. And if your head is still above the water, don’t reach for the coffee because that will drown you in a further 140 liters of water (check out the stats here.)

So you can now add your water footprint to your carbon footprint and your ecological footprint.

Footprints everywhere. Didn’t know I had so many legs.

Anyone anywhere worried about their sin footprint? Is there a website for that? Is there an online calculator for that?

  • http://westportexperiment.wordpress.com/ Michael Ives

    Yes, these trendy indices only illustrate self-distraction. Good point.

  • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

    You’re right, Michael. Self-distraction is the root of this.

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