The Genius of the Psalms
Here’s a helpful presentation on the subjective dimension of the Psalms.

Should Homeschoolers be allowed on Public-school sports teams?
This sounds like a recipe for disaster.

What unbelieving pagans know about God and why they are responsible for it
Justin Taylor manages to pack a huge amount of hugely encouraging teaching into this post.

7 Lessons from the Community of Disability
Greg Lucas: “The tragedy of disability is not disability itself, but the isolation it often creates. This was one of the most important lessons our family had to learn. Sadly, we learned it the hard way. But hard lessons often lead to great insights and over the past few years we have had the wonderful opportunity to gain great wisdom from several families in many different communities.”

The need for discriminating preaching and the danger of its absence
Tom Ascol with a much-needed post.

Conrad Mbewe at Puritan Reformed Seminary
And if you want a superb example of discriminating preaching, here’s a sermon that we heard yesterday at PRTS.

Application in sermons
Mike Horton completes our triad of links on preaching.



  • Taj

    Please do a post and comment on your statement “sounds like a recipe for disaster” pertaining to homeschooling and public school sports.

    Thanks for your ministry

    • David Murray

      Hi Taj: I was public schooled (still bear the scars!) and my kids are home-schooled. Unless things have changed dramatically for the better, I doubt Public-school sports are going be a helpful environment for home-schooled kids of Christian parents. And I doubt the Public-schoolers are going to welcome homeschoolers into their teams (at the expense of their pals) with open arms – some rare Tebow exceptions maybe. I know what would have happened to them in my school – but I can’t describe it here without setting off your Internet filter alarms!

      • Bob Wiegers

        Some states allow this already, or at least one. We recently moved to Maine, and the rules are very accommodating to allow homeschoolers to participate in various traditional school programs (like, say, attending a science class, or playing football). Our kids are not yet of the age or inclination to join in on such activities, but I’ve heard good things about it. By no means it is a disaster, although I’m sure it can get tricky. Perhaps someday we’ll find out.

  • Foppe VanderZwaag

    In response to what unbelieving pagans may (not) know read this quote. It’s a response to New Jersey’s recent vote to allow gay marriage:

    “Today, the Legislature has brought us to the promised land,” said Steven Goldstein, chairman of the gay rights group Garden State Equality. “We know the governor won’t let us enter, but we finally behold the view of our dreams and we will never turn back.”

    Did he use this language ignorantly or intentionally?

    Read more:

  • Nathan

    Homeschooling and Athletics in the public school:

    Those of us who homeschool are entitled to a spot on the public school team. :)