On losing a baby
Beautiful testimony from Jared Olivetti. He and his wife will be in our prayers. While on the topic, here’s a list of resources I crowd-sourced a couple of years ago.

Are you paying attention to Kirk Cameron?
Denny Burk continues to highlight some extremely worrying cultural trends. Kirk Cameron’s statement at the end of this blog is superb.

What makes business Christian?
“Work that is Christian will have 5 qualities: (1) Creation-Fulfilling; (2) Excellence-Pursuing; (3)Holiness-Reflecting; (4) Redemption-Displaying; and (5) Mission-Advancing.”

8 reasons why waiting in line drives you crazy
Sometimes it helps to understand the psychology behind our fury. Not sure if it makes us any happier though – or patient.

A day in the life of the Internet [Infographic]
What did we do before?