What not to do
Kim Shay: “I have been blogging since 2004 and in that time, I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons.  I am not an expert, or even really all that worth listening to, but I do have a few suggestions.” And here’s Dan Phillips with his take on the subject.

How to help a 5-year-old grieve over the sudden loss of her father
“There is no pastoral handbook for this one.  Yet, when my dear friend and deacon in my church was killed in a car crash 3 months ago, his wife and 2 young children were left shocked and full of questions.  This includes his really smart and spunky 5-year-old daughter, who I met with on Monday.”

Happy Birthday Alfred Edersheim
SOme great quotes from one of my favorite OT scholars.

Loving the way Jesus loves
My review of Dr. Phil Ryken’s new book at The Gospel Coalition website.

What we may be missing with our obsession over the Youth
“What have we lost as a culture when we find ourselves so utterly fixated on the ability of a 20 year old kid to dunk a basketball or a pop artist’s voice? We have real live, time-tested legends all around us. As a culture they are not seen to be as valuable. Their appearance is not attractive enough and their stories are not compelling enough to hold our attention. I, for one, feel something of a social rebuke. Can you identify?”