On this week’s episode of the Connected Kingdom Podcast I take on Tim Challies’ challenge to explain Typology in 7-8 minutes!

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  • Gordon Woods

    Excellent piece. A question. Since God ordains whatever comes to pass how does one discern between God ordained “mere resemblance” and divinely ordained resemblance?

    Observation:21st century western minds are overly visual, e.g. TV, movies and video games. What the western mind has lost is visualization through words. For example, I grew up listening to radio. Although sound effects were used, one had to visualize the spoken word to get the message. Certainly comic books and Saturday afternoon at the movies affected our visualization, but on a day-to-day basis one had to apply visualization to different stories. My point is that so many of people get all their information visually that they are unable to visualize pictures from words. But more than that they can’t put themselves in the picture. The topology of Scripture is flat to them. The are not there when when they read the description of an event. I know I’ve digressed from typology, but it seems to me to apprehend typology one needs to some extent be connected to the type and the anti-type.

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