Dads, sing like you mean it for your kids are watching
“You did a fantastic job as my father and I am so glad I got to be your son. Thank you for taking me to church. But more importantly thank you for going to church and being joyful there. Thank you for singing like you meant every word… You have no idea how that still affects me… I love you dad.”

On the need to unplug
“We need to unplug. And when I say unplug, I mean to be totally present and uninterrupted in our face-to-face interactions with family and friends, and in our prayers and praises to God. This kind of presence demands that we put away anything that beeps, buzzes, glows or otherwise draws our attention.” (HT)

It’s not about you
“Did I really connect in my sermon? Did I spend enough time pursuing visitors? Did I give the right advice to the parents of a troubled teen? If I had done something different, would the result have been better? Slowly but surely, the terms of evaluating my ministry have become highly self-referential”

Ligonier National Conference Livestream
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An open letter to the President
“Mr. President, please look into the beautiful faces of your daughters and remember the time that your wife carried them in her womb.  Your heart tells you they were children then as they are now.”