The fragrance of heaven arising from the stench of death
Moving video and powerful illustration.

A Theology of Reading
In the space of 11 minutes, Tony Reinke, author of Lit!,  discusses the role of reading in the Christian life, including some practical tips to become a better reader.

Stop working more than 40 hours a week
“There’s a century of research establishing the undeniable fact that working more than 40 hours per week actually decreases productivity.”

Head, Heart, and Hands
Wish I’d thought of this. “Thinkers need feelers. Feelers need doers. Doers need thinkers.”

The pastor’s wife is simply a wife
And here’s a series by Pastor Al Martin on the same subject.

Successful Ministry
“The person that reflects most of Christ, and shines most with His love and grace, is best equipped to attract the attention of a careless, giddy world, and win restless souls from the fascinations of creature-love and creature-beauty. A ministry of power must be the fruit of a holy, peaceful, loving intimacy with the Lord.”