What if the culture war never happened
“The proper exercise of political power should be neither a matter of obsession nor a matter of disinterest for the followers of Jesus Christ. The dead are not raised by politics. But the living are protected by it. Some things are worth the struggle; some things are worth the cost.”

Why stay-at-home Moms are more depressed than working Moms
What’s the one factor that makes being a stay-at-home mom the most difficult: “The sheer challenge of parenting all day, every day. The constant sacrifice of body and soul to another being. The unrelenting subjugation of your desires to another’s needs. The fact that sometimes you can’t even go to the bathroom when you want to.”

An Educated Choice
Alex Chediak reviews a guide for parents of college-bound children

5 Reasons I Love Church-based Counseling
Definitely the ideal.

Americans have no idea how few gay people there are
Although less than 3% of the population is gay, over a third of all Americans believe the figure is at least 25%. That’s what I call the most successful propaganda campaign in history.

The Hunt for the Good Sermon
Never thought I’d see this in the Wall Street Journal.

  • Bob Wiegers

    I think you meant “3%” not “35″ there. (behold, the power of Shift)

  • http://philippians314.squarespace.com Kim Shay

    Liked the post about depression and being at home. Oddly enough, I struggled more with such issues when my children were older. When they were small, I was just so caught up in day to day events. As my children began leaving home, one by one, six years ago, I had quite a few occasions where I knew that if I didn’t start getting my thinking straight, I could slip into a funk. When your kids are gone and you’re in your clean, silent home, questions like “What is my purpose?” creep up. But God is gracious, and when we ask those questions, if we listen, we will hear what he tells us.