Isaiah by the Day
Collin Hansen interviews Alec Motyer about his new devotional commentary on Isaiah. And here’s a page of resources on Preaching Isaiah.

Advice on reading noteworthy theological chapters, articles, and sermons
Some great advice here from Nick Batzig.

Rural ministry is not second rate
“It’s true that God may call young pastors and planters into small towns and rural areas to prepare them and train them for ministries of Jabezian levels of “more territory.” But some he calls to come and stay. Many of us are praying you young guys are listening.”

What every husband should know about stay-at-home moms
“The manageable outer chaos is aggravated by the inner chaos in our soul. Outer chaos all of a sudden becomes unmanageable. Competent, confident homemakers lose their nerves of steel. Even though it’s “just” a hiccup in the schedule, or a setback with a child’s discipline, or a burned piece of garlic bread, it becomes so much bigger in our hearts. Then the elusive “peace like a river” is more like a category five hurricane of anxiety, bitterness, discouragement, or discontent.”

Parenting a strong-willed child
It’s come a bit late for me, but the advice, I can testify, is sound!

What’s the difference between preaching and teaching
R C Sproul Jr: “We who are Reformed tend to be stronger teachers than preachers. The non-Reformed tend to be stronger preachers than teachers. We agree with the Bible, but remain unmoved by it. They are quick to be moved, but not always by the Bible.  The Bible is not just filled with truth. It is filled with truth that ought to change us. It isn’t enough that we are taught the Bible. We need the Bible preached.”