If you knew how much I love you
Sharon Miller dives deep into God’s love through her experience of motherhood.

The Christian Celebrity
Candid, honest, transparent, sincere, humble…Why we love Tim Challies.

Why Books are the Ultimate New Business Card
“You don’t understand,” the three-time, big-six published author told me. “Books aren’t designed for you, the customer. Today, non-fiction books are business cards–for speaking, consulting, and deals.” I hope this isn’t true in Christian publishing.

Things I’ve quit doing at my desk
“We need to think of our desks as workstations. In reality, we do all sorts of things at our desks that aren’t real work (or affect our ability to produce our best work).” You could also try flowers!

Leaders take responsibility
I know virtually nothing about American football, but Bob Kellemen draws some leadership lessons from two recent games.

American Men Don’t Sing
Marc Cortez: “In other cultures, especially in the UK, singing is a normal part of life. Men sing at football matches and in the pubs. So when they enter the church, singing is normal. But in America, it’s different.”

  • Reg Schofield

    Being a Canadian , I would say the issue of singing is more of a North American concerning men singing . However I’m reminded of something current worship writer and artist Matt Redman said , much of the new worship songs are not written with “blokes” in mind. I know at my home Church we sing way too many new songs that almost sound like Jesus is my girlfriend songs. If you changed Jesus or Lord for Nancy or Kathy , one would not know the difference.

    But when we sing good new songs , which there are many or some great standards from Wesley , Watts , Cowper etc.. more of the men engage the songs . Perhaps its another effect in some circles of the feminization of worship and the Church.

  • http://headhearthand.org/blog/ David Murray

    Agree with you Reg about some of the new worship songs.

  • http://justinjackson.ca Justin Jackson

    Hey David, thanks for linking to my post on the “8 things I’ve quit doing at my desk.”