The man behind Monergism
If, like myself, you’ve benefitted greatly from the resources at Monergism, you” enjoy this interview with the site’s founder, John Hendryx.

Predators on Pedestals
Bill Keller identifies parallels in the US’s Jerry Sandusky case and the UK’s Jimmy Saville case. Sadly it’s a common pattern that continues to be repeated in institutions and, yes, even churches.

I’m not busy!
I’m not looking for more work, but I can echo Tim’s thoughts here.

Jack’s ALS Journey: Canadian Thanksgiving Day
R C Sproul Jr.’s blogs are helping this family to suffer to the glory of God, and they in turn are helping many more.

Why should you go to a prayer meeting?
Erik gives six reasons.

Teens want parents to ask
Yes, apparently they want to be asked the tough questions about where were they and what did they do!