I’ve been closely following the Reformed African American Network (RAAN) since it was launched a year ago today. RAAN exists “to fuel modern reformation in the African American community and our multi-ethnic nation beyond.” Its enthusiastic founders, Jemar Tisby and Phillip Holmes, have chosen Reformation Day to release a video thanking God for all the progress that’s been made over the past year and to ask for support heading into the future.

I have huge admiration for Phillip, Jemar and others who work with them in this worthy cause and pray that you too will catch their passion and support this modern Reformation on our own doorstep. Apart from the salvation of my own family, there’s nothing I long for more than to see multi-ethnic Reformed churches established throughout the world. We’ve got a long, long way to go to achieve this, but I believe RAAN could be a tremendous catalyst to inspire and motivate churches and Christians to work and pray towards the realization of this brave and beautiful vision. Watch the video and catch the fire!

You can follow RAAN at their blog, on Twitter or on Facebook.

  • http://www.raanetwork.org Phillip Holmes

    We’re so thankful for you David! Thank you for all that you do and your sincerity! Grace to you brother!