6 Changes in 6 Years of Blogging
Trevin Wax reviews 6 years of blogging.

How to bottle pastoral encouragement
What do you think of Erik’s third suggestion? “In order to help myself to be cognizant of God’s continued work of grace in his church I have created a label in my Gmail account entitled ‘Pastoral Encouragement’. This label functions like a folder in many other in box systems. It is a drawer, if you will, where I can keep these snapshots of gracious encouragement.”

I’m not much of a reader”
Hope I’ll have the courage to say something like this, the next time I hear this phrase.

Bono’s Humbling Realizations about Aid, Capitalism, and Nerds
“He said it had been ‘a humbling thing for me’ to realize the importance of capitalism and entrepreneurialism in philanthropy, particularly as someone who ‘got into this as a righteous anger activist with all the cliches.’”

Should I stay or should I go?
John Van Eyk uses Matthew Henry to help pastors decide whether to accept a call to a new congregation.

Embracing the thorn that bleeds you dry
Stephen Altrogge writes a beautifully and brutally transparent post about his struggle with anxiety (which is NOT worry!)