Can’t Complain
“The older I get the more I understand why Jeremiah Burroughs called his classic: “The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment” —even Christians have a hard time to be content.”

Marriage with a chronically self-centered spouse
Brad Hambrick is one of the most practical counseling teachers I’ve come across. He gets beyond principles and concepts to down-to-earth, step-by-step help for the sinning and the suffering. And here are two short books he recently authored.

Cure for depressed teens
“Forget therapy. The way to beat teen depression is kicking the online addiction. Nina Strochlic on one man’s crusade to get kids off social networks and into meaningful relationships.”

Our Southern Zion and the Sovereign Grace of God
Tony Carter highlights the evil of churches owning slaves, but then notes: “God had greater and more glorious purposes, despite the oppressive and sinful intentions of many.” Read the post to find out how God brought good out of evil.

Do you know Tim Challies?
Someone who knows Tim Challies in real life gives us the inside story. You’ll want to read Tim’s latest post as well, Smilingly leading you to hell.

The Value of Quiet Husbands
“It’s too bad that the larger evangelical movement seems to value loud, upfront leadership as a more masculine trait. I’m concerned that the result is that strong women who want a godly husband may not recognize the power and wisdom of the quiet guy observing the group from the sidelines.”

URC Counseling Luncheon
If you’re in the Grand Rapids area, the United Reformed Churches invite you to join them at their Pastor’s Luncheon on Wednesday, Nov 7th, at Bethany URC (5401 Byron Center Ave., SW) from 12-1:15 to hear Dr. Jeff Doll speak on the topic of counseling. Jeff is the director of the Institute of Reformed Biblical Counseling and has a ton of counseling experience and wisdom.  This is a “bring your own lunch” event, but drinks and desert will be provided. Everyone is welcome especially pastors, elders, deacons, seminary students, etc.

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    I *must* go and read the post, The Value of Quiet Husbands … ;)

    • David Murray

      You certainly have one. A very valuable one!