Frustrated teacher ventures to create a school for black boys
Inspiring story about Romeo Preparatory School. This is the kind of thing that conservatives should be investing in. Perhaps even the church?

Do you love controversy or love people?
Jim Hamilton: “Is it love for God and neighbor that gets you into controversy, or is it a proud desire to strut your opinions, flaunt your learning, and see your enemy discomfited? Or, are you just a knucklehead who likes to contradict what others say?”

Growing God’s Way
The Reformed African American Network explains their slow and steady strategy.

New book on John Bunyan
The Very Heart of Prayer: Reclaiming the spirituality of John Bunyan, by Brian Najapfour, pastor of Dutton URC.

Why the fuss over lectures?
Scott Young  questions the effectiveness of the current online boom in video lectures.

Why go to Seminary?
Mark Rogers travels back 200 years to find five answers to this question.

  • Anthony Spallone

    Hey David,

    I just wanted to encourage you for constantly challenging the church to be more ethnically diverse. Thank you for always posting links about race and Christianity. I love reading them and also have a heart for the church of Jesus Christ to be more multiethnic so that they might honor God more. Thank you my friend. God bless!


    • David Murray

      Thanks Anthony. I really appreciate your encouragement.