Parenting when you’re continually crushed
Greg Lucas blasted Kara Dedert’s parenting blues away!

Strengths and weaknesses of working on an iPad
I enjoyed reading about how Aaron Armstrong coped when he smashed his laptop.

The power of deep rest
Tim Keller: “Resting, or practicing Sabbath, is also a way to help us get perspective on our work and put it in its proper place. Often we can’t see our work properly until we get some distance from it and reimmerse ourselves in other activities. Then we see that there is more to life than work. With that perspective and rested bodies and minds, we return to do more and better work.”

The war on men
More and more men are deciding not to get married. Why? Most answer, “Because women aren’t women anymore!”

What does it mean to be Reformed?
I liked Jemar Tisby’s big-picture answer.

How Alistair Begg prepares to preach

  • Foppe VanderZwaag

    Thank you for posting this little video showing how A. Begg prepares for his sermons. Very helpful.

  • Luma Simms

    Thanks for the war on men article.