Got a PhD in  theology? Go work for a church
Shouldn’t be as a last resort either.

Preaching and complementarity
Good preaching helps women stay complementarians.

How John Piper helped me in the midst of darkness
Mike Leake was surprisingly helped by two unpromising truths.

My first one-star review
Pretty painful. Only consolation is that it’s from Jay Adams’ colleague.

Poor students struggle as class plays a greater role in success
“For poor, the leap to college often results in a  hard fall.”

27 science fictions that became science facts in 2012
If this doesn’t make you worship God, nothing will.

  • Dan

    Re: Painful

    Just a smidge of self-disclosure on the part of the reviewer might have been helpful! And perhaps, too, he could have offered a bit of education for those who may be ignorant in regard to different schools of thought on Christian counseling. The ‘nouthetic’ link is an embarrassment!

    Self-disclosure: I have no formal or informal association with either party!