Seven reasons for preaching from a text rather than a topic:

  1. Scriptural precedent
  2. Honors the Bible
  3. Distinguishes the sermon
  4. Tethers preacher
  5. Easily remembered
  6. Variety
  7. Sets limits

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  • Joshua Otte

    David, thanks for these preaching videos. “How Sermons Work” was a super duper encouragement, simplified and demystified preaching quite a bit for me. Thanks for a great tool kit to work with and grow as a preacher for decades to come.

    What’s your overall plan for the videos? Will you be summing up the book? That’d be a great additional tool to train more preachers in-house in our churches!

    Thank God for you, all the way up in Maine!

  • David Murray

    Thanks Joshua. Glad you enjoyed the book. I was asked by a few people to divide the book into short bite-sized lectures that could be used to train students and elders. That’s what I’m trying to do. I’ll also be supplementing with extra material here and there.

  • Joshua Otte

    Fantastic, David! We’ll def be using it in training our elders and leaders in preaching. Appreciate your ministry!

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  • Daniel V.

    Excellent videos so far Dr. Murray. Thank you for taking the time to put them together!

  • Jess Lankford

    David, thanks you for these preaching videos.

    • David Murray

      Thanks Daniel and Jess.