These were Job’s perplexing questions (Job 23:1-9).

Sometimes they are also our questions.

Where’s God? And what’s He doing?

And sometimes our answers are, “I do not know. And. I do not know.”

But Job provides us with better answers.

God knows where I am.

“He knows the way that I take” (23:10a).

Although I don’t know where God is and I may not even know where I am, God knows my exact location, direction, and destination. As a child on a long car journey, I don’t need to know; as long as Dad knows.

God knows what He’s doing.

“When he has tested me, I shall come out like gold” (23:10b).

He is proving me: He tests me as a skilled carpenter tests his work to its limits – to demonstrate his confidence in his work.

He is improving me: With His eye on the timer and His hand on the thermostat, He knows exactly how hot and how long to leave me in the furnace in order to make my gold purer and brighter.

God knows where I am and He knows what He’s doing!

  • Beth Viera

    I like your descriptors of proving/improving. Somewhere in the ‘drafts’ folder of my blog, I have made some notes, (as I think about this from time to time), about how it is that, while we may be coaxed out to walk on the water, we are so averse to the crucible.

    Thanks for the reminder that God knows we are ‘in there’, and He knows what He’s doing.

    (I like to think that every trial has an expiration date.)

    Grace and Peace be to you and yours. Beth

    • David Murray

      Agreed about our preference for walking on water!