Gregory’s iPhone contract
This mother bought her son an iPhone and drew up a contract with him for how he would use it. Please try to skip the first line in the letter as it contains a horribly crude phrase, which is a huge pity as the 18 points  could help many parents. (7AM UPDATE: This blog has crashed. Link not working. You can read the contract on the HuffPost site. Again, remember the bad language warning for the first line).

Jonathan Edwards Advice to Young Converts
Such great counsel.

Christian parenting reminders
Jason gives me hope.

Grief Seminar
I haven’t watched all of these videos but what I’ve seen looks very promising. Brad is doing a tremendous job of producing down-to-earth and practical biblical counseling resources for the church.

Interview with Thabiti
Can we (should we) combine exegetical preaching with whooping?

I’m Guy Kawasaki and this is how I work
My favorite answer is #1 on time-saving techniques.

  • Len Ciciarelli

    Hey David your link to Gregory’s iPhone contract is broken

    • David Murray

      Looks like that blog has crashed. I’ll remove the link until the site is up and running again.