Fifty years of failing America’s mentally ill
JFK’s dream of replacing state mental hospitals with community mental-health centers is now a hugely expensive nightmare.

How too much discipleship kills Christians
Mez McConnell thinks we are damaging new believers with too much molly-coddling.

Black History Month
Read about Lemuel Haynes, the Black Puritan, and other wonderful Christians in Bob Kellemen’s Black History series. And here’s Justin Taylorwishing Rosa Parks a Happy 100th Birthday including some video resources.

Cultivating a passion for evangelism in your church
Mike Riccardi shares a letter he wrote to a pastor asking for advice on how to see more souls saved in his church.

Interview with “Anonymous” author of “Embracing Obscurity”
Stephen Altrogge: “I recently read and reviewed the book Embracing Obscurity, which was written by an anonymous author, and encourages the reader to pursue the low, servant path of Jesus. The book really impacted me, and I wanted to interview the author. Unfortunately, I still don’t know the identity of the author. But, through his/her publisher, I was able to do an interview!”

Consider preschool before the pulpit
Aaron Armstrong thinks pastors should begin their training by teaching kids sunday school.