For the past few weeks, Tim Challies and I have been throwing around different ideas for the fourth season of our Connected Kingdom podcast. In the past we’ve done interviews, Q&A’s, monologues, and more. This time we thought we’d do something completely different. We’ve decided to learn something together and we want to invite you all to join us!

As we worked through various ideas, we found we were both eager to begin some kind of Bible study and preferably something not too long. We also wanted to study a less-travelled part of the Bible, something we could learn from ourselves. When we put all these things together, we settled on the Poets, Prophecy, and Wisdom Bible Survey, a 13-week course taught by Dr R.C. Sproul via video lectures. We asked Ligonier Ministries what they could do for us and they generously offered a free class to us and our listeners through Ligonier Connect.

If you sign up, you will get all course materials, a full downloadable study guide, and access to the students forum. Tim and I will moderate the class and record an optional weekly podcast where we reflect on the lessons, and answer some of the questions raised by our fellow students. You won’t need to be taking the class to benefit from the podcast…but we trust it will help!

This link will take you to the course page. Click on the Connected Kingdom Class tab and sign up for the course. Have a look around, introduce yourself, and bookmark next Tuesday for the first Connected Kingdom podcast when we’ll introduce the course and get us started. You will want to have the first lesson completed by March 4.

We’re so looking forward to learning from Dr. Sproul, and from one another, as we study God’s Word together. We hope many of you will join us.

Here is our tentative timetable:

  • Feb 19-28 Sign up period
  • Feb 26 Connected Kingdom Podcast to introduce and explain the class
  • Feb 26-March 4 Watch first lecture and complete questions
  • March 5 Connected Kingdom Podcast on Lecture 1 (and begin lecture 2)
  • Weekly lectures and podcasts thereafter.

Sign up for Connected Kingdom Bible Survey Class: Poets, Prophecy and Wisdom.

  • Jeremy

    Hm… I love this idea, very interested, however, it seems to me the page linked is a little wonky. Some of the CSS is broken and the sign up link doesn’t seem to work right…..

    • David Murray

      Can you be more specific, Jeremy. It looks OK to me.

  • Jeremy

    The page looks very badly formatted to me on my end. A lot of ‘default’ HTML styles, not the nice CSS. I’m also only seing part of the background, so I see the brown background, but not the light grey overlay to contrast the text (other pages on this Ligonier Connect site appear fine). Also, there doesn’t seem to be an actual link associated with the ‘join worldwide class’, my only option is to pay $24 to register my own small group (I think that’s what it’s telling me). It just appears… partly broken compared to what I see on other pages.

    • David Murray

      I think you’re on the wrong page, Jeremy. Click on the Connected Kingdom Class Tab.

  • Cliff

    Dear Dr. Murray,

    To be a little bit persnickety, the title should be, …”Tim and me…” not “Tim and I.”

    • David Murray

      Sigh! I’ll never get that right.

    • Jane-o

      No, Dr. M. is right. Tim and ‘me’ are the objects of the verb ‘join’. :) Leave out Tim’s name and say it, then it makes sense.

      • Cliff


        You misread what I wrote. David originally had the title wrong but corrected it after I pointed out the error. I was pointing out the very thing you mention above. It’s that subject/object, nominative/accusative thing.

  • Jeremy

    Dr. Murray – I just tried to access this via my phone’s browser and it looks much different. My working theory is that something on that particular page’s CSS is getting blocked by my work’s firewall. Thanks for the response.

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