The suicide rate has risen: What predicts suicide ideation?
Mark Regnerus looks at the data to find out why the suicide rate has risen 12% in 10 years.

If the church wants to reach young people, start by affirming their callings outside the church
So, so true. The ministry is only the highest calling…for those who are called to it. Just as home-making is the highest calling for those who are called to it.

25 Years of Evangelizing my Husband
After years of praying, “Please change him,” this wife discovered that she was the one who needed changing.

What practical tip about hospital visitation do I keep coming back to?
Brian Croft has a simple tip.

What do I do if my child is looking at pornography?
Hope I never have to use this article.

The Bible’s Christocentric structure
I’d go further that this in the Old Testament, but it’s a good starting point.